Thursday, March 5, 2015

2015 Challenges

At the beginning of 2012, I said I was going to stop doing reading challenges for the time being.  It made sense at the time--I was just starting my second semester of graduate school and most of the reading I did was for class.  I've also noticed that since I've started working in professional library jobs (i.e. the job I had in Iowa and the one I have now) there's a lot more stuff that I feel obligated to read, even if it's something I want to read. For example, I feel obligated to make sure that I'm incorporating lots of middle grade into my reading, even though YA is my bread and butter.  I love MG too, so I ultimately don't mind doing this, but I do tend to think more about how reading a particular book could help me better advise the readers with whom I work.

While there is a lot that I feel obligated to read, I also know that if I only read that stuff, my reading diet will start to feel all off balance. In my Reading Imbalance and my Struggles with my TBR post, I introduced the three Lizes of reading (Inner Liz, Blogger Liz, and Librarian Liz) talked about how I try to make three different Lizes happy when I make my reading choices.  As 2015 began, I found challenges that would satisfy both Inner Liz and Blogger Liz.  Let's talk about what they are.

The TBR Jar Challenge

A lot of people to TBR jar challenges, and I'm doing one that was created by Katytastic.  There are twelve challenges, and each month you pick a book (or two!) to meet the challenge.  The challenges are...
*Read a book with 500+ pages
*Reread a favorite book
*Read a 2015 debut novel
*Read a book that someone else picks
*Listen to an audiobook
*Read a book you DNF'ed/gave up on
*Read a new-to-you author
*Read a book that is not a novel
*Read/watch a book and its adaptation
*Read an award winning novel
*Read a classic novel
*Read a series finale
I'll only be reading books I already own for this challenge.  My TBR is as full as ever so while I haven't read my January or February selections yet, I plan to catch up in March. This one makes Blogger Liz happy because catching up on unread books one owns is always a good thing.  I hope to post at the end of the year about how this one went.  

Flights of Fantasy
If it's not obvious, this challenge hosted by Alexa Loves Books and Hello, Chelly ought to keep Inner Liz pretty happy.  For this one, I'd love to read a total of 24 books, and I've read three so far that I know would count.

So those are the two challenges I'm doing this year. Are there any challenges that you're trying to complete? Let me know in the comments!

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