Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misty's Favorite Swoon Worthy Moments.

Hey everyone! Today I have Misty of Book Rat here to share her favorite swoon-worthy moments. I hope you all enjoy her picks!

One of the great things about the great period pieces are those moments, those perfect little moments, when everything is so right it almost makes you ache. Here are my favorite, most memorable moments (from 2 versions of Pride and Prejudice, and 1 of North and South -- yes, they're all practically the same movie. You may see a theme...) Enjoy!

3. Though I am for the most part not as big a fan of this P&P adaptation, I do however love this scene. When I first watched it, I didn't like this scene, and was having an angry diatribe on-going in my head -- until the very end of the scene, when there's this breathless "will he?" moment...

2.We all love the moment where Colin Firth comes out of the water. I'm sure many a period-piece obsessed woman has had her moments of Googling "Colin Firth + wet shirt". But my favorite scene, perhaps an even better still than the wet-shirt, is this look Firth-as-Darcy gets on his face, this sort of starry-eyed bit of magic when he's thinking of Lizzie; I couldn't find a clip of that, but this is the look I'm talking about:
But yes, I'm also quite enamored of this scene, the awkwardness around the middle makes it:

I need you to understand something. I didn't know Richard Armitage from anything other than Robin Hood, where he's kind of a jack ass. (He grew on me eventually, but in the beginning...) So when I first sat down to North and South, I was fully prepared to continue in my dislike of him. But of course, if you've seen it, you know he won me over, and he crowns it with this scene near the end of the movie. The look Armitage (as Thornton) gives Margaret Hale (Daniela Denby-Ashe) is breathtaking. He looks so completely full of wonder and love that it makes my stomach drop. It's worth watching the movie just for the build-up to that scene. (Other people praise this look back at me" scene, too, and I can find no fault with that...)

(psst! If you have Netflix, you can watch this NOW on instant streaming!)

So, every time I see these scenes, every time someone mentions them, every time I even think of them, I simply must watch the entire movie again. And when I'm done...well, I may just watch it through one more time. Just to be thorough, you understand.

So what are your favorite scenes from period pieces?

Thanks so much for stopping by, Misty! Be sure to comment with your favorite period piece moments!


  1. I just watched the Keira Knightley Pride and Prejudice and I have to agree - that scene is the best! I've unfortunately never seen the other two, but I'm working on fixing that.

  2. I totally love that Look on Darcy's face in the BBC P&P - actually that whole scene where he and Georgiana go all agitated when Mr. Wickham is mentioned and then Elizabeth covers for them is really sweet :)

  3. Three of my favoritest movies! North and South, so yummy. The book is excellent too!

  4. have yet to watch north and south and meet the infamous armitage. but soon...

  5. Spot on the scenes, those are my top three as well!

    I absolutely love BBC dramas. One of my absolute favorites is Persuasion by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell.



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