Monday, July 21, 2014

A Midsummer Reading Slump

I've realized that I cherish the ritual of making my list of favorite books as each year wraps up.  I love it when I find a book that I can add to my favorites shelf.  When I make my favorites list at the end of the year, I always feel confident about my choices. I sit in front of my computer thinking, "Yes. THESE BOOKS. I make THE BEST reading choices!"


I also really like to make the list in my head throughout the year.  A part of my brain says, "You know these new favorite books you found will make that list, and if you don't have more favorites, you can just make a shorter list."  After all, as satisfying as it is for me to make my end of the year favorites list, I also do it in the hope that somebody will feel inspired, pick up a book that I adored, and make an equally strong emotional connection.  If I were a more aggressive person and could push books on blog readers in person, it would look like this:


I'm realizing, though, that July of every year is starting to become a rather panicked time for me.  By this point in the year, I've read a few books that are for sure new favorites, and I have a handful that I've really enjoyed.  As I think about what I plan to read for the rest of the year, something dawns on me: what if I don't have any more favorite books? 

It makes me start doing everything I can in my power to find new favorites, like picking up super highly recommended titles and going for books I think I'll love.  I tend to spend the second half of the year reading books that have gotten a lot of praise, or that I feel like I just cannot put off any longer.

Of course, this never actually happens.  I mean, going between July and December without finding a new favorite would be simply unheard of, even if I do get pickier and pickier as I grow older.

How do you guys deal with reading slumps? Is a particular time of year when they seem to hit you?  Let me know what you think!

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