Monday, February 20, 2012

When Young Adult Literature and Graduate School Meet

Hi everyone! As you can see, the blog has been pretty quiet these days. Sorry about that. You may be thinking, "That Liz. She is probably slacking and not reading any YA books! Sheesh!" Well, I have to tell you, that's not entirely true. I am still reading some YA books for leisure, but I have actually been reading 2-4 books a week for a class I'm taking called Resources for YA. Below are the shelves which contains all of the books I have to read for it.
The only book missing from that shelf is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. We read a total of 53 books, 14 of which had to be completed for the first class. I had already read some of them, but if you're wondering what I did over my Christmas vacation, there's your answer.

Believe it or not, Resources for YA is not purely a YA lit class. As you may remember, I'm studying to be a librarian, so it's basically all about learning how to serve teens in a library setting. In reality we spend roughly 20 minutes a week discussing the reading. Otherwise, we learn things like how to evaluate websites for teenagers, and practice building core periodicals collections for young adults. You'll notice that in my IMM/What Are You Reading posts? That I haven't mentioned any of these books--it's one of my ways of keeping my school and personal lives separate. If you want to ask me about any specific titles, feel free to do so in the comments!

Hopefully that explains some of why I haven't been posting as much and what I've been up to. Nicole of WORD for Teens is taking a YA class that is more literature based. Check out her posts here!


  1. Aahh that looks such an interesting class! I've applied for graduate school for library and information sciences and I've checked the classes they offer and they have nothing like that. :(

  2. I ended up taking 2 courses with a YA focus during my MLS journey (thanks to a revamp of the program midway, hehe), and yeah - we read a TON of books! It was neat discovering all sorts of resources, and ideas, that I'd never thought about before. Definitely 2 of my favorite classes :o)

  3. Thanks for the shout-out, lovely! <3 I know I'm curious about what books you should read to become a librarian. Curious, curious...

  4. I am also attending grad school for LMIS! Where are you attending?



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