Thursday, August 4, 2011

On Werewolves, Hilarious Authors and Vintage Cars

Maggie Stiefvater is a fairly major name in the YA world and The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy is pretty popular series, so it’s no surprise that she went on tour for Forever, the final book in her trilogy. When Maggie announced on Twitter that her schedule was up, I clicked on the link and was tense with anticipation as the page loaded, praying for a stop in my area. Turns out I was in luck. On Monday, July 25th I hopped into my car and drove off to The Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis to see Maggie and one of her best friends and fellow Merry Sisters of Fate, Tessa Gratton, author of Blood Magic.

I arrived at the Wild Rumpus about two hours before the singing, picked up my copy of Forever and meandered to a nearby coffee shop to get caffeinated. I wandered back to the store around 45 minutes before the signing and found Alison of Alison Can Read, also waiting for the signing to start. The Wild Rumpus is a very unique store in that it has pets such as cats and chickens wandering around, so that kept us entertained while we held on to our seats.

Eventually, Maggie and Tessa came out. If you ever have the chance to meet Maggie in person, you should go, because she is hilarious. Not only was the content of Maggie’s talk amusing, she was constantly gesticulating and using funny voices. Maggie told the story of when she found out that Linger debuted at number one on the New York Times best seller list and talked about her writing process for Forever. After cracking us up, Maggie took questions from the audience. My question happened to be the last she answered, and I asked Maggie if when she writes tear-jerking scenes, she throws her head back and cackles or feels any remorse for the reader. Maggie answered by talking about how The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenger made her sob hysterically and how she wanted to have that same effect on readers. Ultimately, she answered my question by saying that yes, she does cackle a little bit when she knows she’s about to make a reader cry.

After that, it was time to get our books signed! Alison and I got in line towards the back and met Maggie from Maggie’s Bookshelf while in line. I had been talking to her on Twitter the day before the signing, and she approached me. The time passed much more quickly with all three of us chatting! As Alison and I got to the front of the line I tried to help Alison out by taking a picture of her and Maggie with her camera, but it wasn’t cooperating and I was having issues balancing the total of six books I had with me to get signed. When my turn to meet Maggie came, I told her about how I nearly died while reading the last eighty pages of Shiver and how I was waiting for the moment in Linger when she would make me cry (I was reading Linger at the time). Maggie graciously signed all of my books as she, Tessa and I chatted. While Tessa signed my book I told her I was psyched to read Blood Magic because I had loved Maggie and Brenna’s work. I figure if Maggie, Brenna and Tessa were all friends, it was probably a sign I’d enjoy Blood Magic. Tessa gave me contact information in case I didn't like Blood Magic--specifically, Carrie Ryan's (author of The Forest of Hands and Teeth) contact info. That made me laugh. Maggie and Tessa both preceded to torture me by telling me that Brenna’s upcoming release, The Space Between, is even better. Once everyone had gone through the signing line Alison and I were both able to get pictures with her camera, and chat a little more with the authors. Maggie doodled a wolf in my copy of forever and we talked about the genre of literary fiction and what that even means (I believe what Maggie implied was that it’s adult novels that are character driven, but I could be wrong).

If you follow Maggie’s blog, you know that she’s been driving Loki, her 1960s Camaro around on this tour. When Alison, Maggie and I expressed an interest in seeing Loki, Maggie’s husband was kind enough to pull it around so we could admire it and get a picture. Loki is a very pretty car, but strikes me as difficult to drive and maintain.
Loki, myself, Alison and Maggie, crouching in front.

Between the fact that I got to meet Maggie Stiefvater and tons of other awesome bloggers, this was a spectacular event. Of all the signings I’ve been too, I’d say this will stick out as one of the more memorable ones. So if you are at all considering attending a Maggie Stiefvater event, let me give you a piece of advice: GO!


  1. Yay! This was so much fun. Too bad we're both moving and can't go to any more signings together.

  2. Loki's a unique name for a car! Is Maggie's favorite color blue? Blue and black are really a good match. Well, any color can be matched with black anyway. :D You should've taken a photo of the interiors too!

    -Leisa Dreps



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