Monday, June 6, 2011

Pride and Prejudice Read Along Response: Part One

The Pride and Prejudice read along and Jane In June are both hosted by Misty of The Book Rat. I know it's long, but I hope those of you who do watch the video enjoy it! :)


  1. Wonderful video! You can articulate so much better than I can, lol.

    I do really like that quote from Mary. I wish that Jane had been able to explore her character just a little bit more.

    And about Darcy's opinion of what traits a good wife should have - I think it shows his vanity a little bit. He thinks that all of those things are necessary in a wife because that's what all of his rich family and friends would expect his wife to be like, and anything less would be beneath him. I think it's his way of announcing to everyone in the room (and himself) that Lizzie wouldn't quite fit all of those criteria, and he's already trying to talk himself out of liking her. Thinking back on the book, I think Darcy is kind of equal parts pride and vanity, until he gets over it and just admits that he adores Lizzie no matter what anyone else says.

  2. Your video is amazing. I liked that book when I read it but now, my memories are a bit vague. I think I will read it again soon. And I also will read Emma for the first time.
    I'm looking forward to watching Part 2 !

  3. Aww, thanks Liz.

    I LOVE that edition. Such a fun color.
    I love the readings. I LOLed many times. Good stuff. I love that I'm not the only one who tabs things in books. I am a big fan of tabs.


    "Not close-minded but single-minded" I like that a lot. Great way to put it.

    And yes, you do notice the snobbish-ness of the Bingley sisters more each reread. I think part of it is the language, which you adapt to and start to notice the subtleties, and part of it is just knowing the story and the characters better and better.

    I love the comment about Collins worshipping Lady C. Great point. He's so servile and ridiculous.

    lol at the Netherfield stay reaction. ;)

    I don't think Lizzie "comes close" to committing faux pas, I think she flat out commits them. She's borderline rude, and she knows it, but beyond Bingley, she doesn't care about their opinions of her, so she weighs her sister against what they think and that's that.

    Haha. I can't wait for the Donald Trump stuff. Is your mom going to make a guest appearance? ;)

    GREAT response vlog!



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