Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Most Read Authors

A lot of people who read this blog are probably members of the website much like GoodReads, like I am (if you'd like to friend me, see the left sidebar). I owe a lot to GoodReads--it was through my friends there that I discovered the concept of book blogging. If you log on to GoodReads every day like I do, you've probably noticed a lot of things have changed, like their logo. They've also added some new features to shelving though, including a link under "my books" that says "most read authors." Of course, I was immediately curious to see who mine were (I guessed two correctly). As a lot of you know, while my reading has been very heavy on YA lately, I also read classics, adult novels and non-fiction. As it turns out, this list doesn't really represent that, but instead seems to focus on my affinity for MG or YA series with about a dozen books in them. Go figure.

1.) Tamora Pierce
It was a sunny, not too hot summer day when my new neighbor and I walked to the public library. We perused the YA section, and she handed me Alanna: The First Adventure, telling me it was good. I quickly devoured it as well as the other three books in the series and the Immortals quartet. I've been reading Tamora Pierce's books ever since then, and while I'm definitely behind on her latest releases, she's a prolific author who I love. No wonder she made this list.

2.) William Shakespeare

Ah, the Bard. I took an Elizabethan Age class my sophomore year of college and read a lot of his plays during my junior year abroad in England, so this isn't a surprise. I've also read a few of his narrative poems. However, I still feel as though there's a lot of his work I want to read. Will I ever get through it all?

3.) Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket is on this list because The Series of Unfortunate Events is thirteen books long. And sure, if I read them close enough together, they might have started to look a bit too similar to one another. However, the main characters were intelligent, and Snicket's writing style sharp and humorous. This was definitely a series well worth my time, and Snicket is an author worthy of being on this list.

4.) Meg Cabot

Tiara on the front and combat boot on the back, I never stood a chance against The Princess Diaries. Mia and the crazy situations she got herself into always made me laugh. I still need to finish the series, and I look forward to doing so.

5.) Cecily von Ziegesar
Don't lie, you know you have book candy. That stuff that isn't necessarily amazing, but that you read because you enjoy it and can get through it in a limited number of sittings. This is my book candy. I'm due for another one soon.
All in all, I'd say my list is fairly unique. I'll be curious to see how it changes over the years. Who are your most read authors?


  1. This was actually kinda fun to see how many books I'd read by certain authors - I knew the top one would be Tammy Pierce but I actually have Cecily Von Ziegesar as my second-most read author but since I only have read her books one time I don't know if it counts as much. Then it's Charlaine Harris, David Eddings and J.K Rowling. Tis a fun feature.

  2. I took a look at this feature too. But it isn't really representative for me. I just began using Goodreads a little while ago. I mostly use it for my currently reading books which creates a different picture than if it would include all of the books in my book collection. I do love Tamora Pierce books though. She is number one on my list too.

  3. ^.^ Tamora Pierce! Seems like a lot of people have read through her works~~

    Sniffly Kitty
    Sniffly Kitty's Mostly Books

  4. I love Meg Cabot so much. I think she's worthy of being a most read author, as are all these authors really. :D

  5. My most read authors doesn't really represent my reading habits either. Anna Godbersen and Meg Cabot are both in my top five. This make sense since they both write series so of course I've read multiple books by both of them.



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