Saturday, February 12, 2011

Breathless Tour Stop: Minneapolis

When I first heard rumors of a Breathless Tour, I hoped and prayed. I had read and enjoyed Nightshade, The Replacement and Matched. Upon hearing that there would be a Minnesota stop, I flipped out and immediately cleared my entire schedule for the day.

Even though the signing was at 7:00, I left my house at 2:00. Yes, I sound crazy, but I thought that it would take 2 hours to get to Minnetonka where the venue was, and I had to use the two highways most frequented by commuters to get there. Have I mentioned that rush hour starts as early as 3:00 some days? I got to the library at 3:00, with plans of meeting the bloggers behind Looksie Lovitz and Mystifying Paranormal Reviews at 4:30. I passed the time until I got there browsing in the library’s children’s section, which is beautiful and welcoming, and teen area, eventually curling up in the Dunn Bros. coffee shop in the building with a book. Once everyone else arrived, we all went to the mall across the street and got Chinese food for dinner. Tasty!

The event was held in a large meeting space at the library, and we went in at 6:30 to grab good seats. Before the event, everyone was given a poster and a folder with discussion guides on all of the books, plus there was the opportunity to grab swag. The authors arrived promptly at 7:00, along with a teen moderator. Each author said a little about themselves and their main characters, and then the floor was opened for questions. Over the course of the evening we learned lots of fun facts, about the authors, including:

All of the authors love the covers of their books. Brenna loves hers so much she can’t articulate her feelings, and Ally cried when she saw hers.

*Andrea’s writing essentials are her iPod and black coffee.

*Beth says she wishes people would ask if there are Easter Eggs in her books, which there are. For example, Amy is frozen in locker 42 because Beth loves Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and there is a character named Kaylee named after the character Kaylee from the t.v. show Firefly.

*Kirsten stayed up until 4 a.m. the night before our tour stop because a new book idea hit her.

*Neither Brenna nor Andrea writes their stories in chronlogical order, but Beth does.

*With the exception of Brenna, everyone’s book is part of a series (although she does have another book coming out).

*There will be another book coming out in Kirsten’s Kiki Strike series.

And so much more, I can’t possibly fit it all here. I will say that Beth talked about how she likes to torture her readers with cliffhanger endings, and it was quickly decided that she is ergo evil. The authors had packets of buttons to give away, and I won one for being the person to come from farthest away, aside from someone from China (who also got buttons).

After an hour of listening to what the panel had to say, it was time to get our books signed! My comrades and I decided to let everyone else go first so we could try to get pictures with the authors afterwards. Furthermore, I had a grand total of 11 books to get signed and swag, so I would have felt bad sprinting to the front of the line. The wait was shorter than I expected, and so worth it in the end. I got to chat with all of the authors a bit--fangirl with Beth over Firefly, gush to Brenna about how much I loved her book, tell Ally that I was extremely curious as to where she’ll be taking us next in her series, talk to Kirsten about how awesome librarians are and say hi to Andrea, who I met at her release party. After that, I was able to grab a group shot with the authors!
From left to right: Myself, Kirsten, Ally, Brenna, Andrea and Beth
And yes, I wore the purple cardigan so I would match Beth's and Andrea's covers. Plus, it looked nice with the other books.

Between the panel and the amazing authors who signed tons of books, this may have been one of the most awesome signings I have ever attended. I can’t stop staring at my signed books and now feel the need to read Across the Universe and The Eternal Ones ASAP. Of course, I always like to have your backs, so I did get some books signed for giveaway. However, I may wait until May and have it be a blogoversary giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks to the authors, Ridgedale Library and Red Balloon Bookshop for teaming up to hold an awesome and memorable event!


  1. what a fantastic event!! and it sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! I'm so jealous of those who live close to big cities that I have great tours come through like that. :)

  3. I am sooo glad you got to go to this fantastic event. You found out some additional stuff that I didn't learn at the NY event and I loved hearing about it. That is cool you got discussion guides! I am looking forward to reading all the ones I didn't read also.

    Great post!

  4. Ahhh...Oh no! I live in Minneapolis and I didn't know about this. Argh. Hitting head against the wall.



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