Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Book Buying Ban

It's February. The snow is gray and disgusting. I have heaps of unread books lying around my room, and lots of cold winter days. Admittedly, I've been fairly busy with graduate school applications and the FAFSA is looming in my near future. Plus, I should try and put out job applications. These prospects frighten me, but I trudge onwards.

As you can see, I'm reasonably busy these days. I keep starting at the piles of my books in my room going, "I REALLY want to read that one! Like this month! Well, okay, maybe next month. Or I could fit it in after my birthday! Yeah! No, wait..." Do you ever have these conversations with yourself? I do.

I've decided to cut back on my agony a bit. This month, I am going on a book buying ban. I know you are gasping as you are staring at you are staring at your screens, and some of you have fainted. But I'd like some quality time with the books I already own. My hope is that reading a chunk of them without buying new books will help me feel closer to reading all of the books I hope to read in this lifetime. Or not, because that number looms over 1,000. Hey, I'll at least catch up on what I own, so I can stare at my shelves and feel more accomplished. Plus my wallet will be glad. I may prolong the ban to March, depending on how it goes this month. My hope is that spending some time going cold turkey will help me keep myself in check in the future--you know, I'll finish February, say "Dang, I still have a lot of unread books," and take a minute to slow down next time I'm in a bookstore.

February in Minnesota always involves incredibly cold weather and snow that has long ago turned gray, as well as gloomy skies. So I might just be crazy. For now, I am going to make an honest attempt to read what I already own.

Are you trying to cut back on your book buying habit, even if only for a while? Let me know in the comments, because I'd love some solidarity on this one.


  1. um, is it sad that the first thought I had was "but nooooo I always look forward to your IMM posts!" haha.

    Completely understandable though, we ALL need to go on book bans. I always have the "I'll read this in a couple weeks..uh...months. Well, definitely by the end of the year..." conversations, so I understand that too!

    Good luck with your ban, I hope you make it through the month!

  2. I did this, for a year. I was very good about it too; I only slipped up a few times and had to create a new rule that I was allowed to buy a book if I was going to meet the author and have them sign it. Good luck!

    I might also have to start another ban. I've gotten a bit crazy with my book-buying lately.

  3. I've tried going on total bans before with mixed results. This year I'm trying something new. I'm on a book diet along with some friends. We have all committed to not spending more that $30 a month on books for the entire year. The one who ends up spending the most at the end of the year will give up one of the books they bought to the one who spent the least. We all hope that with the spending limit, coupled with the accountability, that we'll all be able to focus on the books we already own.

    Good luck on your ban!

  4. Minnesota? BRRR! We've had snow here in Texas for approximately 24 hours and folks are acting like the apocalypse has approached :P
    Good luck on your buying ban! I tried to put myself on one until March, but I caved and bought 3 books - all total they were only $15, but still...shame, shame on me!
    Hope it works out for you, and I hope you have time to read a book or two! :D

  5. I know myself well enough not to lie to myself. Especially with my birthday coming up. I always treat myself for my bday...

  6. Wow, it's so freaky how oddly similar we are! I am with you 355%, sadly, as I too am a bookaholic! I am also, funnily enough, applying to grad school!

    But alas, I too have WAY too many unread books, so many I don't even want to count (embarrassedly I have at least 150-200 books staring at me angrily at all times). Needless to say, I really DO need to cut down on buying books! My amazon account (and paycheck) is complaining that I'm hogging all the good paperbacks! Maybe together we can do this?! The first step is admittance, right??

    Thanks for your apt writing and post about this: it's nice to know I'm not alone in my addiction! :)

  7. Honestly? The only reason I got new books recently is because I got gift cards for Christmas. I usually go in bookstores and then decide I can get them from the library. In the spring and summer I also scour garage sales for books. Plus, yes...I have a huge pile already!

  8. No! I did this to myself from August - December 2010 and it was horrible! I broke a couple of times, but I did keep to my promise. I did well but it was... well, horrible. Good luck to you though and I do agree we all need to ban ourselves sometimes :)

  9. I'm doing the same thing, Liz! I'm going to try and hold out until the end of April. I have some recent contest wins coming my way, but other than those, I'm not going to buy anything or enter any giveaways, even. My goal is to clean out my bookshelf over spring break. Then, my library's twice-a-year book sale is at the end of April, and I can never resist that, so my goal is to hold out until then. Best of luck to you, Liz!

  10. I am trying this in February too. At first, I said no free books for my Kindle but I already broke that vow. My rationalization is that free books on the Kindle don't actually make the TBR stacks higher. I also weeded out a bunch to donate to my HS Media Center. Since we have a "snow day" today here in my part of Minnesota, I may look around to donate some more YAs too. I want the TBR stack to be under 900 by the first of March. That means I have to read or donate 85 books this month. Wish me luck!

  11. I have been on a book buying ban since the beginning of October, but luckily I get to break it in a little over a week (I'm going to a library same).
    My TBR is scary, but not too terible bad. ^_^

  12. I'm on a modified buying ban. I'm always pretty frugal when it comes to spending money on books, but there are some deals I just can't pass up. I allow myself to buy books at huge bargains ($1 or $2) or if it's something I've already read and loved (such as my plans for buying Silver Borne soon!). If anything, I need to cut back on my trips to the library! Cause I always seem to feel obligated to read those (with a deadline) before the ones I own <_<



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