Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Swap Package

In case you haven't figured it out already, I love receiving mail. I love receiving a package, tearing it open, and ooohing and ahhhing over what's inside. I also really like giving gifts. I tend to think I'm fairly good at it, and I like puzzling over what someone will enjoy most. So when Travis of Inked Books and Jessica of A Fanatic's Book Blog came up with the idea for the Spooky Swap, wherein bloggers exchange packages of goodies to celebrate Halloween, I was very eager to join in. This past Friday, I received my package from Angela of Soap Box In My Mind.
I opened the box to find some fabulous Halloween tissue paper covering the goodies. The package included two books, If Looks Could Kill by Kate White and Murkmere by Patricia Elliott, along with two wonderful handmade bookmarks to put in them. I also got a card, a bag of candy corn yarn, stickers and four buttons. The butons say "Thank you for noticing. I am awesome.", "listen to your inner weeener" (this has a picture of a corn dog on it), "Do you want a piece of me?" (with a piece of cake on it) and another which says "Don't make me poison your food." I love my goodies.

I love everything I got and will probably start wearing most of the buttons 24/7! Angela, thanks so much for the fantastic package :)


  1. That is so much fun! Great spooky gift :)

  2. What a fun idea!! you've got some great goodies.

  3. Nice! What a fun little prize pack. Gosh I love getting stuff in the mail. :)

  4. You've won an award!

    Kate @ Literary Explorations

  5. I'm glad you liked your package. I wanted to make it personalized as much as possible. I looked at a lot of things before going with the buttons. LOVE buttons, they are so fun! Unfortunately, I don't see as many around as I used to.

    As for the books, kept the whole Poe thing in mind, along with the King book I mentioned. Didn't quite make the cut, but hope what I did get works out ok.

    Looking at the pic, as well as when I packed the box, I feel like I should have gotten more. But with the buttons, I really had to stop myself before I spent too much =0)

    Had fun doing it. Glad you enjoyed the box.

    Take care,



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