Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Winer and Some Recipients

My lovely blog readers, I would like to thank you everyone for their suggestions for names for my new feature. It was a challenging decision, but I ultimately chose Consume and Contemplate, suggested by Melina of Reading Vacation. I'll be sending Melina her own copy of Paranormalcy in return for her suggestion. I'm going to try to have a Consume and Contemplate post up next Monday, but that may not happen as I will be busy with a family reunion this weekend (no, I don't plan posts out month in advance, usually more like a week or so). If you're distressed because you didn't want this giveaway (or because there haven't been many giveaways lately), let me assure that I am planning a large giveaway for the end of September/early October, and I'm also thinking of doing a Twitter giveaway soon. I am @lizpatanders if you aren't already following me.

In other news, I've received the One Lovely Blog Award from a few bloggers. Thank you so much to everyone who passed this award on to me! The rules are to post the button and pass the award on to fifteen other bloggers, so here's who I'd like to share this award with (yes, I have failed to pass it on to fifteen blogs, but I find the blogs I have shared it with fantastic and deserving).

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