Thursday, July 15, 2010

Character Connection: Kent McFuller

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If you all read my review of Before I Fall which I posted last month, you know that I loved this book. I think it’s safe to say that this is one of my new all time favorite novels and it has been optioned by Fox 2000 to become a movie (click here for more info). While I really liked Sam and thought she was an insightful narrator, I think her childhood friend Kent McFuller was my favorite character in the book. I like to think of my high school self as being a bit like Kent: quirky, individual, a little geeky (which, to me, is a very endearing character trait), and he sometimes gets nervous and awkward in romantic situations (I’m thinking of the scene where Sam asks if she can spend the night at his house).


While he hosts the party which takes place in the novel, he doesn’t strike me as someone who parties or drinks a lot, and while I went to bonfires with my friends, I wasn’t a drinker in high school. Perhaps what I love most about Kent, is that he sees Sam not necessarily for how she acts or the front she puts on, but as the person that he knows she really is, and he’s not afraid to tell her that, especially when she flirts with Mr. Daimler during math class.

“A fourth note arrives just before class ends. It’s in the form of a miniature airplane, and it literally sails to me, landing with a whisper on my desk just as Mr. Daimler turns back from writing an equation on the board. It’s so perfect I hate to touch it, but I unfold its wings, and there’s a message written in neat block letters.
You are too good for that.” p. 202

I also love the fact that he’s a romantic and incredibly sweet.

“‘I was going to tell you that you look beautiful with your hair down. That’s all I was going to say.’ Kent’s voice is steady and low. He moves around me to the head of the stairs, pausing just at the top. When he turns back to me he looks sad, even though he’s smiling the tiniest bit.
‘You don’t need to be fixed, Sam.’” p. 244

At the end of the novel, I feel so sympathetic for Kent, but I think that Oliver ended it wonderfully. It was hard for me not to fall in love with Kent, and I’d imagine that many other readers feel so as well. He and Sam are both characters who will stay for me for quite some time. If you haven’t read Before I Fall, I highly recommend that you check it out from your local library or buy yourself a copy.


  1. I have a HUGE literary crush on Kent McFuller. He is just so darn cute and likable and lovable and adorable. Not to mention, he's a great friend too. A patient one at that.

  2. I am so with Jillian and I agree with you, Lauren ended it so wonderfully!

  3. I read the first part of your post, and Kent does sound like a great character!



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