Monday, February 2, 2015

2014 Besides the Books

I know I’m a little late to the game here, but I thought I would do a quick personal post wrapping up what I did in 2014 that was non-bookish.  What can I say about my tardiness?  I got wrapped up in removing books from my to-read shelf on GoodReads—it felt great.

The start of my year was honestly rather quiet.  January and February were cold, icy months, which made it hard to go on social outings.  I wound up taking a gun safety class with some friends.  It was a lecture format as opposed to working hands on with weapons.  I have no intention of owning a gun, and while I would hope I’d never have to use such information, you never know if it could be useful.

My father’s employer held a gala in early March and I—shocker!—had to drive through blizzard conditions to get there.  While the driving was no fun, I got to see lots of uncles, aunts, cousins, and my brother. We all dressed up, ate great food, bid during a silent auction, and danced.  I wound up taking another trip home in April so that I could celebrate my birthday with my parents.  It was relaxing.  The dog got a particularly long walk, I opened presents, we ate cake, and watched a movie.

If you guys haven’t gathered, the place where I lived in Iowa was far away from a lot of my family and friends, so there were some evenings when I would go home and fill out job applications.  I hoped to live in the D.C. area as I have a lot of connections here, so when I got a job offer mid-April that would allow me to relocate, I was thrilled.  I got this news just in time to share with some extended family over Easter weekend.

 In mid-May, I moved!  In addition to wrapping up at work, I was quite busy flying out to D.C. so I could find an apartment, flying back so I could finish packing, and taking one last flight so I could officially move.  I had a few near meltdowns while packing, but I have to give a shout out to my mom for helping with that process and my brother for helping when my stuff arrived.

Shortly after moving to D.C. I also got to attend the wedding of a friend from graduate school and her now husband. It was a small, outdoor wedding with an indoor reception.  The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful ceremony.   Plus, I had fun being silly while I danced.

.  June brought lots of excitement.  I went on a day hike with my brother, his girlfriend, and her brother.  Two friends and I wound up going on a bike ride that started off innocently, but wound up being nearly 40 miles and hilly.  We all nearly died.  Going to IKEA to buy three very heavy bookshelves for my apartment the very next day may not have been a good idea, but it was what we did.  Kudos again to my brother for his help assembling them.

For the fourth of July, I had a friend from grad school staying with me, and four of our other friends came and joined us.  We grilled, relaxed, chatted, assembled one last piece of IKEA furniture, and watched Fireworks on the roof. The rest of July included lots of dinners at my favorite taqueria, bike rides, and a few trips to a house that showed a Jane Austen film on its lawn once a week.

In the fall a few movies that I wanted to see finally came out.  My brother and I had a few evenings where we ate dinner and then watched Moone Boy, which I highly recommend.  We also went apple picking with a friend of his one beautiful Sunday.  Halloween wound up being laid back for me—my parents were in town and I worked the weekend right afterwards.

November was a big month for author signings, and I got to go home for Thanksgiving at the end of it.  A friend of mine from grad school joined us as well as a cousin who lives on the west coast.  We had to make a meat turkey and a fruit turkey to accommodate everyone.  We also celebrated my brother’s birthday on Black Friday.  We ate pancakes and immediately followed those up with cake.

December was relatively laid back.  My friend and I took a day to visit the National Christmas Tree and the Botanic Gardens.  We also ate barbecue and tacos.

I got to travel to Minnesota and see my family for Christmas.  Presents were opened. Dogs were snuggled.  Relaxation was had.  New Years’ Eve was a quiet night with friends, and hope for a new year.

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