Friday, January 10, 2014

Follow Me, Minions! Or Pardon the Widget Vomit

Look at my sidebar, now look back at me! Ridiculous, right? I know.  I plan on cleaning it up soon, but I wanted to let you guys know why it looks so absurd.

As we all know, Google Reader died last spring. I'm still ticked off about it.  WHY DID GOOGLE GIVE ME SOMETHING THAT WORKED FOR ME AND TAKE IT AWAY?!

Clearly, the way people follow blogs has changed.  No one has joined Google Friend Connect in a while, but I know I'm still attracting new readers.  So I've decided to change how you guys can follow.

If you use Feedly or Bloglovin, you can follow my blog there! Wahoo!  I believe very little effort is required outside of hitting the button.

I'll take some of the other widgets that allow you to follow my blog in a week or so. If you totally miss the boat, I tend to advertise my posts on Twitter and Facebook, so don't worry! I know I could lose some followers, which is never fun, but I also know followers come and go throughout the course of blogging.  It'll all be great.

So follow the blog through Feedly or Bloglovin if you'd like, and I'll be back with a more exciting post soon!

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