Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals

I'm a couple days late on this, but I thought I'd share a couple of my goals for 2014 with you.  I know some people make New Year's Resolutions, which is a phrase I'm not in love with.  I think if you want to change something in your life, you should make it when change needs to be made.  However, a new year can remind you of things you want to get done, so here are some of my aspirations.


*Read 100 books.  I read about this number last year and it was a good fit for my social number and work schedule.

*Catch up on reviews.  My need-to-review shelf has been stuck in the twenty-ish range for quite a while.  This is because I read faster than I write reviews.  Perhaps if I participated in a Bloggiesta this year I'd finally catch up.  Somewhere between five and 10 would be a more comfortable area to reside in.

*Write more discussion posts. I have some great ideas, but because I'm so behind on reviews, I tend to prioritize writing them, unless something is really inspiring/bothering me/time sensitive.

*Work on my fiction writing.  On my computer, you'll find a word document with a story I sometimes work on.  I'd like to continue making progress on that.

--> Personal

*Pursue happiness.  I live in a rural area, so sometimes socializing is hard.  Instead of shutting myself in, I need to remember to keep trying new things, and pursue what I’m passionate about, personally and professionally.

*Run a 10K.  Maybe do another triathlon. Maybe an Olympic distance.  I have no idea what kind of family commitments and road trips this summer hold, which might not happen.  Working with pool hours and remembering all of the necessary stuff is honestly the hardest part of training.  I can, however, definitely handle the 10K.

*Cook more.  It’s really easy to go Trader Joe’s and buy a lot of frozen dinners.  They’re delicious, and I tell myself that they are better for me because they’re from Trader Joe’s. Probably more organic, free range, etc.  However, eating the same thing all the time can get tiring, and I eat everything.  The more I know how to cook the more I’ll be able to enjoy

*Save more money.  This is a tough one when you’re paying for a new car and student loans on a public librarian’s salary.  I will continue to fight the good fight.

*Spend time with my grandparents.  I already do this a lot, but they are 90.  I want to get in as much time as I can. 

*Have adventures.

Are you guys setting any goals for 2014? What are they?


  1. Sounds like you have some good plans in mind. I'm not big on "New Year's resolutions" either, but I also have made a list of goals for the year. Best of luck to you in accomplishing everything!

  2. Sounds like you have a good, solid plan for 2014. I feel like the problem with New Year's resolutions is that people make this big sweeping wishes and sometimes don't stop to think whether they're practical or realistic. It might not be exciting but I think it's better to pick small things you want to work on and are fairly certain you can achieve.

  3. Nice list! I know what you mean about needing to actively seek interesting things out. It can be hard, especially if you're in an environment that's isolating. Good luck with your 100 book goal - you're planning on doing double what I want to read! I'm looking forward to the reviews.

  4. I think you've got a nice set of goals here. (And I hate calling them resolutions too! It's so funny, we basically say the exact same thing in our posts. XD)

    Good luck esp with the 100 books. I've tried for years and the closest I got was 96. Which was pretty good, but it's impossible now that I'm in college to read as much as I used to. :/

    Anyways. Good luck darlin! ^.^

    Amelia | The Authoress

  5. Your to review pile is impressive! I wish I could be a quick reader! Alas.

    Cooking more is totally fun and ADVENTURES FOREVER.



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