Wednesday, November 27, 2013

End of Year READING PANIC or What Happened When Liz Leanred How to Use GIFs

As a general rule, I love this time of year.  My mouth waters with the prospect of Thanksgiving near, I ingest as much pumpkin as I can, and I start listening to Christmas music right after Halloween.  However, usually when we have one or two months left in the year, a very special type of panic kicks in.

Reading panic.

If you don't already know this about me, you should know that I have a love/hate relationship with my TBR pile.  There are so many books on it that I will never run out of things to read.  Ever. I've been behind since I was about seven years old.  This is both good on bad.  On the one hand, I'm so glad that I will never wake up one morning and go, "ERMAHGHERD.  I read all the books.  None left."  On the other hand, it is impossible for me to read every book I want to read.

As it is, I typically read just over 100 books per year.  I would love to read more, but I have a full-time job.  I just do the best I can and remain in awe of people who can read twice what I do in one year.  Since reading fiction helps me with readers' advisory to kids and teens, I tell myself that for each book I read, I've discovered something I may be able to put into the hands of a reader.  However, I also wonder how I can ever read enough books to make sure I'll have a suggestion for every kid. It's a catch twenty-two, and I digress.

In order for you to understand the panic that sets in at this time of year, let's talk about what the rest of my reading year is like.

The year begins with me trying to make sure I've got good momentum--something I've become more aware of since GoodReads gave us the option of creating yearly challenges.

(Found here)

In late spring or early summer, I manage to get ahead on my reading challenge.  By this point I've read a few recent releases as well as some backlist titles.  A few of the books I've read have even been mindblowing.  I'm feeling pretty on top of things.

(Found here)

Around September or October, I start thinking.  There's a bunch of books I should really read before this year is over, but man, trying to choose sucks.  I know, I'll make a list

Found here

Now that we've reached November, I realize I may not make it through everything on that list.  What about award hopefuls?  What about books that I told myself I'd read this year because they've been on my TBR forever?  What about e-galleys I've got to hustle up and read? What about giving myself the gift of reading books I want for the holidays? HOW DO I CHOOSE?

 Found here

Because I am so addicted to books that I always have to be reading something, I manage to keep reading until the year is over.  By this time, I've met my goal, and while I haven't read everything I wanted to, I usually feel pretty happy with myself. 

Found here

By January 1st, I'm ready to start the whole cycle over again.
Found here


  1. I know all those feels! I TOTALLY failed my Goodreads challenge this year, but I love that they have the option.

    I'm so ready to start the cycle over in January with you, my friend!

  2. I totally understand! My goal is 100+ books a year, but with a full-time job, a part-time job and part-time school, it gets tough. I've learned to read a little when I can and hope things workout. However, since my TBR pile is half my library, I don't think I shall ever get through it. And I'm okay with that...

  3. Gifs are fun, haha. And I'm like you, I failed my 100 books challenge. It's really so hard trying to do that with jobs!



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