Monday, November 28, 2011

Review of Shut Out by Kody Keplinger

Shut Out
Most high school sports teams have rivalries with other schools. At Hamilton High, it's a civil war: the football team versus the soccer team. And for her part,Lissa is sick of it. Her quarterback boyfriend, Randy, is always ditching her to go pick a fight with the soccer team or to prank their locker room. And on three separate occasions Randy's car has been egged while he and Lissa were inside, making out. She is done competing with a bunch of sweaty boys for her own boyfriend's attention

Then Lissa decides to end the rivalry once and for all: She and the other players' girlfriends go on a hookup strike. The boys won't get any action from them until the football and soccer teams make peace. What they don't count on is a new sort of rivalry: an impossible girls-against-boys showdown that hinges on who will cave to their libidos first. But what Lissa never sees coming is her own sexual tension with the leader of the boys, Cash Sterling...

When I got my hands on an ARC of The Duff in fall of 2010, I immediately sped through it. Even though I didn’t think it was perfect, The Duff was an emotional read that stuck with me long after I had finished it. Needless to say, when I heard Kody Keplinger would be publishing a sophomore novel, I knew I had to get my hands on it ASAP. Once I dove into Shut Out, I sped through it. Even though I thought this book had a great message and I loved Lissa as a main character, there were a few things that stopped me from loving it.

Lissa is a character who is after my own heart. Even though I’m not as uptight as she is, I could totally relate to her love of libraries of literature. I also felt like I could really relate to the way Lissa thought, and I remember feeling the same way about Bianca of The Duff. It’s safe to say that Keplinger has a knack for creating relatable characters.

Despite the fact that I liked the message in Shut Out, I didn’t always like how it was conveyed. Keplinger’s prose bordered on preachy, which I don’t care for. There were also times when everything felt a bit too cheesy.

Shut Out is not a perfect sophomore novel, but it made for a fun, fast paced read, which was exactly what I needed when I read it. My complaints were not enough to seriously damage my impression of the book. Keplinger is becoming one of my go to authors for great YA chick lit, and I’m hoping that we get to see more by her soon.

Just Contemporary

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. Thank you!


  1. I liked The Duff better than this one. The Duff I would recommend to a lot of other people. This is one that I don't feel like I could really recommend without listing a bunch of qualifiers. AND I totally agree that it felt really preachy to me at times AND while I understood and liked what I knew Keplinger was TRYING to convey, sometimes I feel like it got lost and ended up meaning something different.

    But yes. Keplinger most CERTAINLY knows how to write a realistic and engaging main character.

  2. I liked The Duff more too but I was really happy to see another great MC-her love of books and libraries appeals to that side of me and I also am a little uptight and enjoy counting just like her. I just didn't like the plot as much.

  3. I picked this up at the bookstore when it was first released but then put it down after reading a few pages. It sounds good though and I may have to check it out from the library sometime.

  4. At least it was a fast, fun read. Sometimes those are just good for you!



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