Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks

Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I got a little bit of a break from school and am at my parents’ house relaxing with my dog. Even though this post is going up on Thursday, it’s Wednesday night as I write it, so soon it’s off to the airport to fetch my brother, with more family and friends arriving in the morning.

So what am I thankful for? Even though there haven’t been tons of reviews or IMMs up on the blog lately, I’m still thankful for books. I like to read on my bus ride when I can, and usually have a fiction book for leisure going. I’m currently reading The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss right now and I’ve only got about 100 pages left. It’s great! I’m looking forward to picking up the sequel, Wise Man’s Fear, once the semester is over. In case you guys are wondering, some other great books I’ve read and hope to review are Shut Out by Kody Keplinger, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairlyand In A Ship Of Her Own Making by Catherynne M. Valente, and A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (the latter two being for my book club).

I’m thankful for bloggers. No, I don’t have as much time to read or blog now that I’m in graduate school. I also haven’t been commenting as much, and I feel really bad about that. Even still, you guys keep me updated on bookish news and laughing via Twitter on your blogs. Thanks to those of you who’ve stuck around even though I haven’t been posting or Tweeting as much!

I’m thankful for family and friends. Even though we’re normally quite far away from each other, my family supports me and gives me great advice. My friends at school give me advice on everything from work to my social life. Plus they make sure I take breaks every once in a while.

Lastly, I’m thankful for good food. As you read this post I’m mere hours away from delicious turkey, stuffing, and pie, just to name some foods I love.

What are you guys thankful for? How are you celebrating Thanksgiving?

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