Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey everyone, I made this vlog to explain some changes that are happening in my life right now. I hope you all enjoy it!

I'm in my apartment now, and things are off to a good start. Unfortunately, my internet is not particularly stable at the moment. I am currently dragging my laptop to school when I need to send lenghty e-mails or work on blog posts. I have a smart phone, but I don't think it's quite sufficient for my needs.

With that being said, posting will be particularly infrequent until I figure out my internet issues. I'll also be replying to e-mails more slowly, and Tweeting a bit less. I ask that everyone please be patient with me until I have this whole situation sorted out.

Thanks for bearing with me. I'm looking forward to a new school year, as well as to eventually resuming regular posts on the blog.


  1. Good luck! Life is only given to those who live...and you're living.

  2. Good luck! Don't worry too much about getting reviews up - maybe you can do the occassional blog post about how your school and job are going! Social posts are fun. Of course, that's if your internet is working properly ;-)

    So again, good luck! Your readers will still be here!

  3. You are going to be closer to me YAYYYYY! I'm so excited for you to do make this change and pursue your passion! I'll be anxiously awaiting your updates and wish you a ton of luck! I'll miss you but..REAL LIFE WINS!!! :)

  4. Glad you're getting settled in. Hope your internet is better soon. Look forward to reading your posts, whenever they are.

  5. I wish you the best of luck with everything. And yes, your readers and followers will always be here to see what books you are reading.

  6. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how your new adventures go.



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