Thursday, April 7, 2011

Review of The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

The Book of Awesome: Snow Days, Bakery Air, Finding Money in Your Pocket, and Other Simple, Brilliant Things
Based on the award-winning 10-million-plus-hit blog, The Book of Awesome is a high five for humanity and a big celebration of life's little moments:

• Popping Bubble Wrap
• Wearing underwear just out of the dryer
• Fixing electronics by smacking them
• Getting called up to the dinner buffet first at a wedding
• Watching The Price Is Right when you're home sick
• Hitting a bunch of green lights in a row
• Waking up and realizing it's Saturday

Sometimes it's easy to forget the things that make us smile. With a 24/7 news cycle reporting that the polar ice caps are melting, hurricanes are swirling in the seas, wars are heating up around the world, and the job market is in a deep freeze, it's tempting to feel that the world is falling apart. But awesome things are all around us-sometimes we just need someone to point them out.

The Book of Awesome reminds us that the best things in life are free (yes, your grandma was right). With laugh-out-loud observations from award- winning comedy writer Neil Pasricha, The Book of Awesome is filled with smile-inducing moments on every page that make you feel like a kid looking at the world for the first time. Read it and you'll remember all the things there are to feel good about.

Immediately after watching the book trailer, and reading the blog it’s based on, 1000 Awesome Things, I knew I had to purchase The Book of Awesome.

I was so excited about this book that I started talking to my friends about it as soon as I ordered it, which is unusual for me. One individual said it sounded like something one might buy off of SkyMall, and I admit that the premise may sound cheesy to some. However, rest assured that The Book of Awesome is a witty, feel good read that helps one remember how great the little things are.

Essentially, The Book of Awesome is an extended list. However, it’s more fun than reading a straight up list, because the awesome things are described in slightly different ways. Some have lengthy explanations, others have bulleted advice, others have just a few words or a photo. Pasricha did an excellent job not only of mixing up these formats but of the content of his book so that it never got monotonous.

I won’t lie, The Book of Awesome definitely has moments that are sentimental or reminiscent of childhood. A couple of the awesome things felt targeted at people who are long out of college and have stable lives, and in that respect I may have been a bit young for this book. I think I’ll only grow to appreciate this book more as I re-read it.

I fell in love with this book. It made me laugh, made me go, “Awww” and made me remember to always appreciate the little things in life. As I read, I took it slow, and only read a few pages at a time, often when I was a little glum, and it lifted my spirits every time. I think it’ll have the same effect on you. AWESOME!

Disclosure: I purchased a copy of this book. So should you.

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  1. Hmm, haven't heard of this. Or the blog. Gonna have to check this out.



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