Tuesday, April 5, 2011


As I relax with my computer on my lap, I'm attempting to think of something witty to say about change, but I'm coming up dry. This isn't just a totally random thought, I promise. A few things are about to change at Consumed by Books, and I think these changes are for the better. A lot of you can see that in my left sidebar, right below the link to my Twitter account, I put in a good word for a local indie I frequently shop at, Monkey See Monkey Read (and if you're in a feed or a reader, trust me: it's there). I order books from there a lot, and talk to the owner, Jerry, frequently. After some discussion, it has been decided that Monkey See Monkey Read is adopting me as its YA blogger. Jerry keeps up a blog called Monkeyreadblog and now, every other Monday, I'll be reviewing a YA title there. He also might put shelf talkers that contain small snippets from my reviews in his store. My hope is that this relationship will not only benefit Monkey See Monkey Read, but direct a bit more traffic to my blog.

In addition to blogging for Monkey See Monkey Read, I'll also be launching a new feature on the blog called Literary Locations. Literary Locations will highlight awesome bookstores, libraries and other bookish places that I visit. I hope that this feature will not only help the stores I love get some extra attention, but give you guys ideas for places to visit. I'll be starting off by featuring Monkey See Monkey Read. A lot of you may remember the last time, I started a feature called Consume and Contemplate, I did one post and after that stopped (I don't intend to continue that feature, I should add). I hope Literary Locations will be very different. My problem with Consume and Contemplate was I wasn't sure what I wanted out of it when I started it, whereas I already have some ideas lined up for Literary Locations.

I'm super excited for all of these changes. Be sure to keep an eye out for my first Literary Locations post!


  1. Congrats on becoming the bookstore's YA blogger - that is so exciting! I will have to check out their blog for your reviews :)



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