Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Ten Books I Resolve to Read in 2011...

Greetings, wonderful blog readers! I hope everyone's 2011 is off to a fantastic start. For the first time ever, I am participating in Top Ten Tuesday, to tell you about everything I hope to read this year. Some books have been lumped together for reasons explained down below, so I guess I kind of cheated, but hey, it's my list! Without further ado, here are the books I solemnly swear to read this year.

10.) The Vampire Academy series by Michelle Read

Okay, readers, if we all work together maybe we can try and lift up the rock that I am apparently living under and drag me out from underneath it! Maybe. I feel like I'm one of the only YA bloggers who hasn't read this series. I found the first one a year ago at Half Price Books, but when I heard that the last book would be coming out in December I decided to just hold off until then and surge through them. Now that I'm out of excuses, it's time for me to bite the bullet and dive into this series.

9.) Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind by Suzanne Fisher Staples
My mother gave me a copy of this book when I was about 8 years old, and somehow it just keeps falling by the wayside. I don't know why, because it looks quite interesting. I plan on doing the People of Color Reading Challenge this year (keep an eye out for a post about that), so perhaps I should count this novel towards that goal.

8.) As You Wish by Jackson Pearce and Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
I am a huge fan of Jackson's Youtube channel. Her videos always manage to teach something, or at the very least entertain. She's clearly very intelligent and witty, and both of these books are sitting on my shelf. So why haven't I read these two? I don't know, but I will tackle them before her third novel, Sweetly, comes out in August.
7.) The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
I am concerned that admitting that I haven't read this book will bring April of Good Books and Good Wine, Misty of Book Rat and Allison of The Allure of Books to my doorstep with the intent of staring me down until I read it. I have heard that this book is amazingly fantastic and awesome, and I'd love to tackle it before it's sequel, Wise Man's Fear, releases this March.

6.) Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood

I read The Handmaid's Tale in high school and loved it. I want more Atwood in my life.
5.) Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
I love Victorian literature, yet I haven't read this book. Something about that situation just says FACEPALM! to me. I look forward to tackling yet another Bronte.

4.) The Jane In June Books
I had so much fun during Jane In June last year (hosted by Misty of Book Rat), even if I didn't have as many Jane related posts as I would have liked. I'm trying to be much more organized going into it this year. I'm hoping to read Emma and Mansfield Park, but I'd also like to tackle three spin-offs: Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg, Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbardand Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland. I also won According to Jane by Marilyn Brant last year (I'm not sure if that quite counts as a spin-off) and hope to read it to. Plus, don't get me started on the giveaways and Adaptation Corners I'm dreaming of posting. *sighs contentedly*

3.) Looking for Alaska by John Green

My interest in John Green first piqued when I heard that he is a young adult author who attended my very own alma mater, Kenyon College. After that, I stumbled across the Vlog Brothers channel which he maintains with his brother Hank, which I watch regularly. The fact that I haven't read any of his books is just kind of a fail on my part, especially as I now own them all. I've decided to start with Looking for Alaska because I've heard lots of positive things about it.

2.) Across the Universe by Beth Revis

I am enchanted by this cover. If it were a guy...wait, let's not go there. It seems like there isn't much science fiction in young adult, so I can't wait to check this one out. Plus, I've heard one of Revis's tour stops in February will be near me, so I'll definitely have to devour this book as soon as it turns up on my doorstep. I keep checking Amazon to see if they've sent it early, but to little avail. I am an optimist. Or a fool. You pick.

1.) The Birthday Five

I'm starting a new tradition this year. Do you have books that have been sitting on your TBR pile forever or that are great classics that somehow missed you, where every time you look at them you think "How have I still not read this book?" After being shamed by a fellow English major for not reading certain titles, I decided to pick out five books that I will most definitely read before my birthday, which is on April 1st, come hell or high water. These are books that either I can't believe I missed as an English major or that someone whose tastes I trust unconditionally have said are fantastic. This year, the birthday five is comprised of The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, The Giver by Lois Lowry, Possession by A.S. Byatt and The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenger. There will be no cake, no presents, no celebrating until these books are read! Okay, that may not be the case, but I'll pull a late night if it means successfully meeting the deadline.

I'm feeling ambitious this year, and looking forward to checking out all of these titles this year. What do you resolve to read in 2011?


  1. I have read most of your Birthday Five, I think you will find them great. While they all might not be HEA type story's they are great nonetheless.

    and someday I will read an Atwood book.

  2. I love the sounds of your Birthday 5 tradition. My birthday is in mid-February so I'd best get crackin' on my list if I'm going to hit 5 by then. Also, I read The year of the Flood by Atwood this past year and loved it. It is the prequel to Oryx and Crake.

  3. Good luck on your birthday five goals!

  4. Wuthering Heights is on my list of reads this year, too!...though not resolved.:)

    Happy Reading!


  5. I love the Birthday Five idea! I think I've only read Lord of the Flies but it was ages ago and I barely remember it. I also have the VA series on my list...we'll have to compare notes!!

  6. First of all, don't even get me started on Name of the Wind. I bullied Misty and April into reading it...and you're next. I may have to resort to cyber stalking.

    The Birthday Five is a really cool idea! I should do that. Except...since my birthday is in October maybe I should make it 10? Hmm. Good choices too. Funny story...I owned a copy of Possession for a really long time and was finally about to read it when I randomly ran across this article where Byatt was dissing Harry Potter and I immediately put it in my Goodwill donation pile. Haha. I hold grudges :)

  7. The Catcher in the Rye! The Giver! Vampire Academy! Eeeeeee

    Also my husband would be very sad if he knew you hadn't read Name of the Wind :)

  8. Great choices! I also want to read the Vampire Academy series!

    Hope you enjoy all of them!

    --Another Book Junkie

  9. I also haven't read the Vampire Academy series, but I plan to! It's the intention that counts right?
    Anyway, I'd join them in staring you down to read The Name of the Wind, I thought it was amazing and I hope you'll enjoy it!

  10. I've really been wanting to read Oryx & Crake - I love dystopian fiction, & I've heard so many great things about Margaret Atwood.

    I also loved the Vampire Academy series - so much fun!

    And great idea with The Birthday Five - I read The Time Traveler's Wife last year & loved it! Good luck finishing them all in time!

  11. here's mine http://tributebooksmama.blogspot.com/2011/01/top-ten-tuesday-top-10-books-i-resolve.html

  12. Go read The Shadow of the Wind! It is definitely amazingly fantastic and awesome. It has become one of my all-time favourites, along with Wuthering Heights.

  13. I need more Margaret Atwood in my life as well :)
    Possession and The Time Traveler's Wife are on my TBR list; you will LOVE The Giver :)

  14. I just finished listening to Oryx & Crake.......really enjoyed it. And I love your idea of the Birthday 5.... too bad my birthday is in 2 weeks or I would have to do that!

  15. *ding dong*

    Oh my GOD! I am outside your door right now! Read it, READ IT!

  16. Also, YAYYYYYY Jane in June! I am getting stuff ready already too (and I think Scones and Sensibility is going to be on my list, too. Picked up last year but didn't have time to finish.)

  17. I plan on reading a lot of these ones soon too, especially The Vampire Academy series.

  18. Sisters Red is a great read. Wuthering Heights was one of my picks as well.

  19. I actually have a few of these that I have sitting on my shelf needing to be read. Nice list!

  20. I LOVED Wuthering Heights!! And I have Jane Austen on my list, too.. ;") Good luck with your goals!

  21. Great list. I was a bit disappointed by Alaska, but I think that's because I saw too many spoilers before reading it.

    Here's my list of ten books to read this year.

  22. I like your birthday five idea. Your birthday is on April Fools Day - oh that sounds like fun.



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