Friday, January 21, 2011

Review of Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl

Fantastic Mr. Fox
In this book you will find: Boggis an enormously fat man, a chicken farmer and a mean man. Bunce, a pot bellied dwarf, a duck-and-goose farmer and a nasty man. Bean, a thin man, a turkey-and-apple farmer and a beastly man. Badger, the most respectable and well-behaved animal in the district. Rat, a rude creature and a drunkard, and also a Mrs. Fox and her four children.

I will read anything Roald Dahl writes. I’ve loved several of his novels, and would love to read them all. I picked up Fantastic Mr. Fox because I wanted a quick, light read. While that’s definitely what I got, I almost wish there had been more to it.

I had already seen the movie before reading this novel, so I knew the jist of the story. I’ve always found Dahl hilarious, so it was great to read his narration. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t enough of it. At only seventy pages, the plot moves along at a nice clip (although it lacks detail) and the characters aren’t very well developed.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a perfect book for a young reader just starting to pick up chapter books, and is worth the hour it’ll take you to read if you’re a diehard Dahl fan. This novel is cute and witty, like all Dahl books, but a bit too short for my taste. I may have actually preferred the movie, so keep an eye out for an Adaptation Corner post where I’ll discuss why I feel that way.


  1. I agree with you, when I read this as an adult it disappointed me,but I remember reading it as a kid and thinking it was the most awesome thing ever! I also saw the film and really disliked it,and its been annoying me because i'm not too sure why...

  2. I loved Fantastic Mr. Fox when I was a kid--especially the tunnels between the farms. Haven't read it since I was in elementary, though & probably shouldn't (based on what you said). Don't want to change the way I feel about it!

    Loved Dahl's DANNY, CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, too. Bit more obscure.

    The Book Swarm

  3. Oh Ronald Dahl. I love him. Nice review, short and sweet.



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