Friday, January 28, 2011

Adaptation Corner: Fantastic Mr. Fox

I used to have an incredibly strict book before movie policy, but I’ve lightened up over the years. I think one of the reasons for this is because I hate to pass up the opportunity to watch a movie with family or friends when the opportunity arises. Once I saw previews for Fantastic Mr. Fox, I knew I had to see it right away.

If you aren’t sold on whether or not to see this movie, let me give you one reason that could persuade you: it’s directed by Wes Anderson. I for one have enjoyed Anderson’s other work, such as The Life Aqautic, so I knew it couldn’t be all bad. One of the first things you notice about this movie is that the animation is fantastic. It’s hard to judge acting in an animated film because the element of body language is no longer there, but the voice acting was all wonderful.

I will be straight with you: this is one case where I enjoyed the movie more than the book. In my review of the book, I said that it was great, but that I wasn’t a fan of how short it was. The movie provided a lot more character development of every character in the fox family and every other character. I wasn’t in love with the ending of the film, but it was charming.

I don’t think this story would stick with me as much if not for the presence of the book and the movie. This wonderful fox family will stick with me, and I think the film enriched my experience with them.

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