Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review of StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce

StarCrossed (Thief Errant, #1)
Digger thrives as a spy and sneak-thief among the feuding religious factions of Gerse, dodging the Greenmen who have banned all magic. But when a routine job goes horribly wrong and her partner and lover Tegen is killed, she has to get out of the city, fast, and hides herself in a merry group of nobles to do so. Accepted as a lady's maid to shy young Merista Nemair, Digger finds new peace and friendship at the Nemair stronghold--as well as plenty of jewels for the taking. But after the devious Lord Daul catches her in the act of thievery, he blackmails her into becoming his personal spy in the castle, and Digger soon realizes that her noble hosts aren't as apolitical as she thought... that indeed, she may be at the heart of a magical rebellion.

I went into StarCrossed with zero expectations. I hadn’t read many reviews of it, and wasn’t totally sure what it was about. I just signed up for an ARC tour because the premise sounded interesting. StarCrossed certainly satisfied me in that expect.

Maybe it’s just the type of books I read, but I don’t know of many YA books where the characters are thieves (I know of some with spies, though). In the first couple of chapters, before learning Digger’s backstory, it’s kind of hard to see where she might have qualities that make her traditionally good as a person, and instead she’s depicted as someone just trying to survive. I liked that honest representation, because I think (as sad as it is) that there are people out there who are like this (granted, I am an optimist and tend to believe there is more good than evil in the world). However, by the end of the novel I actually felt that Digger was a fairly loyal character.

I have to say that I really liked all of the other characters as well. Not only are they all interesting, but with all of the plot twists Bunce threw in I was constantly wondering who I could trust. I will say that this is a fantastic book for you to read if you want political intrigue without too much romance (and I say more power to Bunce for not having a huge romantic plot. Not every story needs it!). Occasionally it felt like the story got a little to slow, but it always picked up again fairly quickly.

StarCrossed has surprised me, because I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did! I’m still thinking about how much I enjoyed getting to know Digger and everyone else on this cast of characters. I understand there’s a sequel in the works, and I can’t wait to see where Bunce takes things next! If I haven't yet persuaded you to give this book a chance, check out the awesome book trailer.

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