Monday, November 29, 2010

What I Love About Christmas

Greetings, wonderful blog readers! I hope everyone has had a wonderful blog readers. I for one now feel much more normal blaring my Christmas music and wearing glittering red nail polish. I’d been doing both of these since Halloween, because I love Christmas. So, inspired by Top Ten Tuesday, I decided to share a list with you of what I enjoy so much about this holiday.

I love the whole atmosphere that surrounds Christmas. Whenever my family breaks out the Christmas ornaments, it’s like greeting a box full of old friends. I like walking around my house and seeing decorations strategically placed everywhere, as well as holiday themed candy. On that note, I also love baking for the holidays, whether it’s a seasonal recipe or just a batch of cookies used to pacify visitors. And when it comes time to get presents under the tree, I have so much fun spending an hour or two locked away in my room painstakingly selecting what kind of wrapping paper should go on each person’s gift. It is ultimately preferable if I perform all of these tasks while wearing my ugly Christmas sweater vest. I consider myself something as a multi-tasker, so while I’m wearing my sweater and wrapping presents, I love to have some Christmas music and a movie in.

Where do I even start when it comes to the music? I have over 250 songs on my Christmas playlist, and generally listen to pretty much everything except for country and rap. It started with a couple of CDs we’ve had since I was a kid. I think I became interested in acquiring more for two reasons: one is that my roommate freshman and sophomore year of college (hi Anna!) LOVES Christmas and would try to start listening to her holiday tunes before Halloween, until I told her they had to wait until November. I know, I’m cruel. Anyways, my other reason actually has a bit of a story. A couple years ago my mom and I were out doing errands and decided to stop at Starbucks to grab a latte, and when we were paying, I saw a Christmas CD called “Stockings by the Fire” and thought it would be fun so we got it. As it turns out, that CD freaking rocked my socks off. Starbucks puts out a new Christmas CD each year and I try to make a point of getting my hands on them. I’ve also recently discovered Straight No Chaser, which is male a cappella and oh my goodness it is absolutely beautiful! Seriously get this music NOW. Over the past few years I’ve also discovered the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and their Christmas albums have me enchanted one minute and dancing around the Christmas tree the next. Otherwise, the list is full of my usual favorites like T Swift and the Glee cast. Now if only Joshua Bell would create a Christmas CD.

In terms of movies, I think I may have some catching up to do. I watched Home Alone as a child, and that is always a fun movie to revisit. One movie which I watch every single year is Love Actually. I find it totally adorable, but I also love that it isn’t one hundred percent happy throughout the entire film. Plus, the cast is pretty much made of win. And even though it’s not the best film ever and I don’t really like Cameron Diaz’s character, I watch The Holiday every year, because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I also consider Bridget Jones’s Diary a Christmas movie because it starts and ends on New Years. And really, I'll take any excuse I can to watch that movie. Lastly, it isn’t Christmas without Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown.
I could go on and on, but I will leave it at that. Instead, I’d love to hear what gets you in the holiday spirit. Feel free to leave your thoughts or links to your festive posts in the comments!


  1. This is a fun post Liz. We watched Home Alone last week. It was the first time Travis and I had seen it. My parents laughed as much as we did.

  2. Psyched to see Love Actually here-I just brought it back to school with me and am planning to watch it on repeat this weekend. Love it!

  3. Mannheim Steamroller is a must for our holiday season. As well as a viewing of the original Miracle on 34th Street.

  4. Yay for Christmas!

    I also *love* wrapping presents. I spend way too much money in the Gift Wrap Wonderland at the Container Store.

    But all the shiny paper and pretty ribbon and dangly things just make Christmas that much more magical, right!?

    My family thinks I'm nuts. But I love it.

    Merry Christmas!



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