Monday, November 22, 2010

North and South Read-A-Long: Week Three

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Week 2 Update

As those of you who have been following my North and South posts thus far know, I am really loving it thus far. But of every week of the read-a-long this far, week three has been my favorite. I feel like as I reader, I’m really beginning to see how gifted Gaskell is as a writer in creating such a layered and compelling story.

I kid you not when I say that this portion of the novel is filled with action and drama. As the story goes on, I just want to hug Margaret. She is what I would describe as big-hearted and selfless, yet she’s so torn between the different social classes. I feel like she tends to put whatever she’s feeling aside for others, maybe bottling her own emotions up, and I’m wondering how this will manifest later in the story. I also have to add that I love how Gaskell uses her characters to discuss issues such as social class and religion.

Having watched the miniseries before reading this book and knowing how the story ends, I’ve been swooning over Mr. Thornton from the moment I opened this book. As I continue reading, I am only falling deeper into admiration for this fictional man. We’re finally beginning to see past his tough exterior and into a more emotional side.

In terms of the Hale family and its dynamic, this section has quite possibly been the hardest to read thus far. This aspect of the novel brought me near tears, and also presented a few new conflicts. I think my reading experience is only going to get more heart-wrenching as we make our way into week four.

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