Sunday, November 7, 2010

North and South Read-A-Long: Week One

For those who have never participated in a read-a-long before, let me tell you: they are fantastic motivators. Well, that and a three hour plane ride today. I'm 15 chapters into North and South and I absolutely love this book so far. Since technically for week one were only supposed to read the first 10 chapters, I'll stick to discussing those for now. I've watched the mini-series, so I know what ultimately happens, but since I watched the mini-series around five years ago, I've forgotten the whole plot and enjoying watching it unfold.

I feel as though a lot of people compare North and South and Pride and Prejudice and when it comes to character relationships, I can kind of see that. However, the social commentary feels much more blatant here, so while I'm already loving this one, it feels like a different experience than reading Pride and Prejudice. Gaskell keeps the story moving along at nice pace, which I appreciate. Her prose is absolutely beautiful, and it makes it easy to become absorbed in the story. I also have to say that thus far Margaret is a very interesting and dynamic protagonist.

At any rate, I should spend the rest of my evening unpacking and cleaning my room. However, I'm enjoying this book so much that I might just have to surge through the rest of the reading for week two.

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