Saturday, November 27, 2010

North and South Read-A-Long: Week Four

Oh, SNAP! Another action packed with Gaskell, the Hales and all of our favorite characters in North and South. This is another section of the novel that's so challenging to read emotionally. It's filled with tension and secrets.

I loved meeting Frederick last week, and thought it was great that Gaskell included a little bit more about his character and the people he associates with in these chapters. I can't wait to see how his story ultimately turns out.

As for Mr. Thornton, a very large part of me couldn't help but swoon over him in this portion of the novel. The more the story goes on, the more I admire him as a character--the same way I feel about Mr. Darcy every time I read Pride and Prejudice. While I think North and South and Pride and Prejudice have their similarities, they are extremely different books, which I'll further discuss at a later point. On that note, I think the tables are beginning to turn for Margaret and Mr. Thornton, and I can't wait to see how that plays out.

I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to hear how everything turns out in the end. Instead of just doing an update next week, I will be posting a full, SPOILER FREE REVIEW. Be sure to keep an eye out for it!


  1. Great non-spoilery review. I can't wait to read the full one though...should be good! If it evokes Darcy-like feelings, I'm gonna read it!
    I love your cute blog design by the way. And your posts are fantastic, I'm definitely following you for more.

    Happy reading,
    Tina @ Book Couture



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