Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Mockingjay Tour Stop Near Me

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen a lot of excited and happy tweets from me yesterday. This is because I had the good fortune to meet Suzanne Collins at one of her stops on the Mockingjay Book Tour. It was brief and crowded, but nonetheless wholly enjoyable.

The signing took place at The Wild Rumpus bookstore, which is about a half hour drive from me. The event didn't start until 4:00, but I actually got there by 1:00 because I had to drop my mother off at the airport earlier, and there was no point in going home in between. This store is aimed at those who read children's through Young Adult books, so I was more than content to spend hours browsing and reading picture books. They also had cool pieces of art around, like this one announcing the Mockingjay tour stop.

Eventually, they gave me a number for when the time to meet Suzanne came. The idea was that each person received a number and people were called back to have their books stamped and chat with Suzanne by tens. Since I was so early, I got to be number one.
The store grew more tired as people of all genders, sexes and ages wandered about, and eventually, it was time for Suzanne to come out. She gave a short reading from Mockingjay, which turned out to be the same passage which she reads in this video.

I definitely got goosebumps listening to Suzanne read this passage aloud. The event was so crowded that she was standing on a table as she read, proclaiming that this would be her loudest ever reading of Mockingjay.
After that, it was time to meet Suzanne! I wasn't sure what to expect, but she was extremely gracious and eager to talk to her fans. I decided to ask her a question, so I asked how writing Mockingjay was different from writing Catching Fire and The Hunger Games. Suzanne told me that it required a lot more intense focus because she already had all of the information from the first two books in her head. I told her I thought her books deserved all of the praise they got (and I do honestly believed that) and she thanked me. There were too many people in line for us to pose for a picture, but one of the employees got a shot of Suzanne and I as she stamped my book.

Here's what the stamp in the book looks like.
After that, I had to hurry home to take care of my dog. It was so great to be able to meet the author of one of my favorite series! Suzanne was very cool in person, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to go.


  1. Is Stamping the new Singing? I don't think I would want to have my book Stamped. There is nothing personal about that at all, and ok, sure, I understand that she's got these huge YA books out there, and probably will develop carpal tunnel due to the amount of books she would have to sign, but still!!

    Do other authors do this?

    Btw, how awesome for you to meet her, and speak with her, and get a photo of her!!! That itself was worth the hours you waited.

  2. Very cool! I have visited The Wild Rumpus myself - a very cool bookstore.

  3. Very very cool! And hey, being so early definitely paid off.



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