Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Blogger Apprecation Week: Unexpected Treasures

I am on a never-ending quest to be a less judgmental person. Sometimes when I see the summary for a book but I'm not initially interested, I'll see some positive reviews later and wind up giving it a chance. On the other hand, really negative reviews also tend to intrigue me. I know you all are thinking, "Why would you waste time on a book you doubt you'll like?" Usually, I'm curious as to what people disliked so vehemently about a book. One YA genre where I feel like I consistently opinions that land all over the spectrum is paranormal.

I have to be honest and say that my first forray into this area of literature was none other than Twilight. I was mildly intrigued by the premise, but more curious about what all of the hype is about. By the time I finished the series, I had started seeing several reviews of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater around the blogosphere and GoodReads.
I read the premise and honestly though to myself, "I don't want the werewolf in this book to be like Jacob Black." If you ever see me with my copy of Shiver in tow, you should probably use it to smack me upside the head, because I don't know what I was thinking. After enough rave reviews, I picked up my own copy, read it and fell in love with Stiefvater's writing and the story.

Another example of a paranormal I thought I'd dislike was The Dark Divine, which actually turned out to be a great read. With this case I wasn't sure how the Christian aspect would really fit into a paranormal story, but it turned out to be great.
Of course, I haven't loved every book from this genre I've read. Hush, Hush was kind of a flop for me because I found the characters stupid. At any rate, I've grown more open to the genre, and am looking forward to continuously exploring it (and yes, I have still failed to read Beautiful Creatures, and would appreciate it if you utilized the comments to order me to read it).



  2. Read Beautiful Creatures. Beautiful Darkness is mere days away.

  3. I too enjoyed The Dark Divine (and I'm not really big on werewolves, so that's saying something!) I agree that the religion aspect was handled pretty well and didn't come across as overly preachy, but appropriate since Grace is a pastor's daughter.

    I'm afraid I can't order you to read Beautiful Creatures as I am in the small minority that actually had some major issues with it...but I know lots of other people really enjoyed it!



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