Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How I Review

In terms of synopsis, I generally use the ones from GoodReads, because I'm not so sure that I could write a compelling synopsis that is true to the book. I try to provide some sort of warning if this book is part of a series, so readers realize that they risk being spoiled. As for structure, which I kind of forget to touch on, I don't follow a specific formula when I'm writing my reviews. The reason I sit down and start reviews so soon after reading is that so my strongest opinions make it into the review. Once I get those down and let the review rest for a while, I feel that the other details I want to touch on and the structure the review will take on begin to come about somewhat naturally. At the end of the day, I always make sure that my reviews are true to how I feel about a book before posting them.
You can check out Adele's vlog here, and April's vlog here.


  1. I highly suggest you do a bookshelf tour because I just want to go to your house and see all those lovely books there! Plus, it just looks like "neat and organized chaos." Do it do it do it, haha ;)

  2. I love hearing everyone's process. From the feedback of others I am considering changing up things a little just like you have. Thanks.



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