Monday, June 14, 2010

Bloggiesta: The Finish Line

Hello followers! Bloggiesta draws for a close to me as I must awaken early tomorrow and go about my week. I have to say that while I enjoyed Bloggiesta, I was not able to participate as much as I hoped. Friday and Saturday night I switched locale and when I reached my destination, the internet was down. However, between reading, typing up posts in Word and having the internet back this afternoon and evening, I've still managed to accomplish the following things.
  • Written one review (I thought I had more, but I was otherwise caught up).
  • Updated my review archive.
  • Updated my blog roll. If you are still not on my blog roll but would like to be, please send me an e-mail.
  • Drafted a Jane In June post.
  • Responded to interview questions.
  • Organized physical bookshelf (I forgot to include this on my original list, although I meant to).
  • Filmed and posted my first IMM vlog.
  • Read half of Northanger Abbey.
  • Updated my contests sidebar.
I put a grand total of 11 hours into Bloggiesta this weekend. I had a lot of fun, and hope that next time it rolls around I will have internet all throughout and get even more accomplished.


  1. For total time you spent that is impressive amount accomplished! Great JOB...

  2. You did really great for having interruptions! Great job.

  3. Eleven hours is still great! Hopefully next time the internet will work out!



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